Your team already has a solid foundation in market research. illume builds on that foundation, enhancing your team’s expertise and success. Our custom training solutions are tailored to your unique needs and situation, giving you a powerful competitive advantage.

Instead of following a scripted, one-size-fits-all lesson plan, illume builds the content, tone and presentation format to suit your needs. We provide meaningful learning opportunities for team members of every experience level, from interns to seasoned executives.

We conduct your sessions whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you: at your office, during a meeting, at an offsite retreat or webinar. Whatever works for you works for us!


illume continues to support your team after the completion of your program. We offer continuing training in a variety of formats, such as behind-the-scenes coaching and mentoring, ongoing professional development and project-based support.

We look forward to developing a customized solution to fit your team.

Have you ever asked yourself questions such as these? (below)


  • How do I build a strategic and holistic market research plan that integrates all elements of my marketing mix?
  • What business questions are best answered by qualitative vs. quantitative research? And what about quali-quant?
  • How can I use innovative research techniques effectively?
  • How do I identify my customer's path to purchase in a retail environment to grow my portfolio?
  • How do I know if my advertising campaign is accomplishing its objectives?
  • How can I ensure that customer insights guide a new product idea from conception to launch?
  • How do I get my internal customers to pay attention to market research insights and learnings?